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Pet Care


It is vital that your pets receive the right diet to keep them fit and healthy. As they get older they will need a different balance of minerals and vitamins. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you on the most suitable diet for your pet.

Obesity is a rising problem in many pets and this can be caused by overeating, lack of exercise or a medical condition. It can, therefore, be a useful exercise to monitor your pet's weight against target values which we can provide for you.



Human beings are not the only animals who need regular exercise. We can advise you on how much exercise is right for your pet. We also have a range of pet toys that can make exercise time more fun - for both you and your pet!

Boarding Kennels, Dog Shows, Events.

If you are planning to place your dog in boarding kennels or attend an event where other dogs are present, it is recommended (and may be a requirement) that you have your dog vaccinated against infectious bronchitis (kennel cough).

Hill's Pet Nutrition

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Routine Health

dog.jpgThere are a wide range of diseases that can affect your pet and we strongly recommend that your pet gets a routine health check at least once a year. We can also recommend a regime for keeping your pet parasite free.



For dogs we recommend vaccinations against Distemper,  Parvovirus,  Infectious Hepatitis and leptospirosis. For cats, we recommend vaccination against Feline Penleucopenia, 'Cat Flu' and Leukaemia.

For rabbits we use the vaccination that offers the best available protection against myxomatosis.

For young animals, you should contact us as soon as possible so that we can arrange a vaccination schedule. New born animals have a natural immunity gained from their mother but this only lasts for the first few weeks and soon decays.

You should maintain a vaccination record of your pet which will enable us to ensure that your pet receives boosters when required.

Taking your pet abroad

We will be happy to advise on the current requirements for taking your pet abroad. Vaccination against rabies is mandatory for most destinations. For the latest information on the Government's PETS Travel Scheme visit


This is a simple and painless procedure where we inject a tiny microchip under the skin in the scruff of the neck. If you pet goes missing, the unique microchip number can be read by a scanner and compared to a national database. These scanners are held by all charity and animal welfare organisations.