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Treatment of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, gerbils, mice, birds, fish, reptiles, tortoises and turtles.



We have a brand new state-of-the -art dental machine. We are able to perform a dental scale and polish for dogs and cats using the ultrasonic handpiece and remove broken or diseased teeth using high speed burs. We anaesthetise our patients for dental work for their safety and ours.

We also trim the teeth of small furries such as rabbits and guinea-pigs whose teeth grow continuously. If they are not ground down naturally by everyday use, the overlong teeth can cause pain and contribute to eating problems.

Ultrasound scanner

We have a new modern ultrasound machine which enables us to look at patients internal organs without the need for invasive surgery. It is particularly useful for soft tissue (as opposed to bone) investigations and especially for diagnosis of some heart problems in dogs and cats.

ECG Machine

Exactly like the medical machines, the Electrocardiogram (ECG) records the activity of the heart in our canine or feline patients. We use the ECG for monitoring during surgery and diagnosis of life-threatening heart problems.

Operating theatre

Our operating theatre hosts 2 operating tables with modern anaesthetic machines and monitoring equipment. A wide range of surgery takes place every weekday, including neutering, wound repair, fractures pinned or plated, cruciate ligament repair and removal of lumps. Although dogs and cats make up most of the patients, we also regularly operate on rabbits, guinea-pigs, hamsters, ….

Blood pressure monitoring

This automatic machine allows us to check a patient’s blood pressure(BP). The BP can be a particular problem in some elderly cats with kidney disease. With this machine we can monitor how effective our treatment is.


We have a high specification X-ray machine which allows us to investigate certain conditions without the need for invasive surgery. X-rays are particularly useful for bone fractures and diseases and also chest and abdomen screening.

Blood testing laboratory

We have a laboratory on site with a range of modern veterinary machines for blood testing. Results can be provided within 20 minutes to assist the vet to investigate sick patients. More complex or specialist tests are sent to a Veterinary testing laboratory by courier each day. We can also examine some specimens under the microscope and test for serious diseases such as Parvovirus in dogs and Feline Leukaemia in cats.

Nurses clinics

We run occasional nurse clinics which include weight clinics and dental clinics. Our nurses also regularly trim nails, administer wormer and flea treatments, remove stitches and change bandages.


Using a fibre-optic endoscope we can look inside patients without the need for surgery. Under anaesthetic the endoscope is used for detecting foreign bodies in the stomach and taking biopsies from the gut for further tests.

Behaviour advice

Our staff has lots of experience of dog and cat behavioural problems. Training advice and treatments which have proved effective are available. We have contact details for local behaviour specialists for particularly troublesome cases.

Pet health passports

We have a specialist nurse with long experience of pet travel and rabies vaccination requirements. We advise you to call us for advice on the latest DEFRA situation for travel within Europe and further afield.


We can advise on:

  • Hills Science Plan and prescription diets
  • Diets for rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Training aids - Halti, muzzles
  • KONG range of toys and accessories